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Logo Design & Branding 

Designing your logo is the most important job concerning your new business.


Your logo is the guide to your overall corporate identity and the first visual communication element that can make or break the consumer's impressions.


On my creative journey, I have produced many impressive logos for notable customers. I use all types of creative techniques for logo development, from hand-crafted illustrations to creating unique fonts, according to your wishes, objectives, and goals.


As your graphics design partner, you will find out why I propose specific colors and design elements, why I suggest something and why I do not agree with something else. My tactic is to always substantiate my professional point of view and explain the creative direction according to a variety of factors, your competition included.


If you just need to renew or redesign your logo, please go here:




The following are a small sample of logos I have created for clients mainly in Greece and the United States. 


Friend, make the right decision and contact me today.