Need an engaging brochure or product catalog design?

An interactive digital flipbook is the solution.

What is an interactive digital flipbook?

A digital flipbook is an impressive way to display your content. It is essentially a pdf document but as the name implies, it allows the users to interact within them through several interactive features such as hyperlinks, buttons, video files, audio files etc.

Users are engaged as they flip through all your content and each page can redirect them to either a certain page on your website, your e-shop, prompt to send you an email, fill out an order form and more.

Studies show that in 2019, people are more attracted to

visual data and multimedia.

7 Reasons to make your pdf interactive:

1. You are saving the planet.

2. Save or eliminate printing costs.

3. Enhance your publication with videos and animation.

4. Optimized for all browsers and all mobile devices (html5 output).

5. Easily shared through email, sms, social media.

6. Choice of Downloadable, Printable offline versions are available from within.

7. Professional look

Interactive digital flipbook examples.

CareunderSun offers barrier-free travel services for people traveling to Greece. In this example, we have designed as B2B Shore Excursions Brochure, that has only a few links mainly on the back cover as it is targeted to promote their services to cruise line docking in Greek harbors.

Shore Excursion FLip Book.png

Panini Corner is a sandwich bar that converted the magazine-style menu we have created into an impressive interactive flipbook. Hyperlinks for ordering via mobile by clicking on the telephone number and redirect to their facebook page are live in this example.

Panini Corner.png

Aegean Imaging is an advanced radiology center in Greece has prepared a breast cancer awareness booklet that they send out to their patients. 

Aegean Imaging.png

Conclusion & Special Offer!

Interactive PDFs or interactive digital flipbooks represent a great way to present yourself or your company online. They are powerful sources of content marketing but at the same time, they may help you grow awareness on your brand. Moreover, they are shareable, they create engagement and through interaction, they allow you to keep your fans and readers engaged and preoccupied. The outcome is professional looking and at the same time entertaining.

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