I am Fotini Theodosiou, and my company is labeled as Orama Plus Creative. The Greek equivalent of vision is "Orama," and the "Plus" factor, as I interpret it, is all the extra ingredients consciously added to the creative mix that represent my work, my service, and my whole being. 

Graphic design or visual communication, as I prefer calling it, is what I excel at. Visual communication is the art of changing how people perceive messages. After all these years, I am still fascinated by how things like shapes, color, symbols, fonts, and imagery combine in such a way that they can affect moods and emotions, just like any other art form. 


The design I practice is honest, aesthetic, informative, understandable, and it's about shining light on the essence of your every why. 

I don't know why you are here, but my question is, are you looking for help in better presenting your business & projecting your values?

If yes, please consider communicating with me, for I would love to give you my assistance and insights on any question you may have. I am easily accessible and have been working remotely successfully since 2009.  I assure you that my location has never been a barrier. Only fear and assumptions of the unknown might be if you let it.  :)

© Fotini Theodosiou - Orama Plus Creative
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